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Easy recipes with fresh tomatoes

Whether vegetarian, vegan or with meat, here you will find healthy recipe ideas using fresh tomato. Soups, salads, sauces, fresh salsas, pasta dishes, curries and more highlight summer sweet, juicy, ripe tomatoes. I hope you will enjoy browsing, cooking and of course a delicious meal at the end!

A tomato for all seasons

Locally grown tomatoes are available from June to August. However, whatever the season, they can be enjoyed all year round. In summer look for heirloom varieties, beefsteak tomatoes and a variety of cherry (and mini plum) tomatoes in all sorts of shapes and colors. Summer of course produces the best in-season produce, however you can still enjoy vine-ripened greenhouse varieties in winter. For ultimate flavor in winter, choose cherry tomatoes on the vine.

A great finisher for pasta and pizza

Besides soups and salads, this ripe summer fruit (also referred to as a vegetable), with its high water content is terrific for making sauces for pasta dishes. Especially when made with sweet cherry tomato. Whether used to make a sauce or added to a simmering sauce a few minutes before serving, they are a terrific addition, adding flavor and umami to any dish. And naturally they are a great addition to pizza.


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