Stangensellerie Salat mit Apfel & Roquefort

Celery Salad with Apple & Blue Cheese

Crunchy celery salad with apple is a light and refreshing salad made with crisp celery stalks, tart apple, pleasantly bitter endive, fennel, parsley, blue cheese and hazelnuts. It’s easy, its crunchy and surprisingly delicious! This celery salad definitely deserves a spot on your plate! Like any good salad, fresh, high quality ingredients are key. So make sure you are getting the freshest celery possible to ensure you get that fresh-tasting...
Garnelen-Ananas Spieße mit Kokos & Limetten

Coconut-Lime Shrimp Skewers with Pineapple

Many thanks to ELAG Products GmbH for sponsoring this recipe.Grilled coconut-lime shrimp skewers are a great addition to any summer BBQ. The prawns are first marinated to infuse them with a subtle coconut flavor and then threaded on skewers together with with chunks of sweet, tropical-tasting pineapple. These crowd-pleasing prawn skewers are super easy to prepare, and literally take minutes on the grill. Choosing shrimp for this recipe Size – This recipe uses...
Linsensalat mit Erdbeeren & Spargel

Strawberry Lentil Salad with Asparagus

This strawberry lentil salad highlights with the best of the season - early summer berries. This delicious and vibrant summer salad is made with beluga lentils, sweet and juicy strawberries, spring onion and fresh herbs, and is tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing which brings out its full flavor. As a big fan of lentils salads, I love to serve this salad as a main meal salad for two. It’s...
Tandoori Hähnchenspieße mit Gemüse & Joghurt Dip

Tandoori Chicken Kebabs with Mint-Yogurt Dip

These tandoori chicken kebabs are my new favourite meal idea for summer grilling! If you love s bit of spice, with juicy tender grilled chicken breast, then you are absolutely going to LOVE this simple, delicious chicken kebabs recipe. The marinade is prepared with a homemade spice mix (yes, tandoori spice is easy to make!), garlic, ginger, lemon juice, olive oil and yoghurt — a simple combination that packs...
Grüne Spargel-Frittata mit Erbsen & Feta

Asparagus Frittata with Peas and Feta

This quick and easy asparagus frittata is perfect for spring! Made with eggs, spring onions, fresh peas, green asparagus and sheep’s cheese feta, it’s a delicious combination, whether served for breakfast, lunch of dinner. And best part, it’s something the whole family can enjoy. The beauty of frittatas is that they’re quick to make and easy to customize with what you have on hand. You can amp up the flavor...
Grünkernsalat mit Pilzen & Miso-Dressing Rezept

Green Spelt Salad with Mushrooms & Miso Dressing

Green spelt (Grünkern) salads are something I get really excited about! And this green spelt salad with mushrooms, parsley, almonds and a umami-rich miso dressing has made it’s way to my “Grünkern” hall of fame list. I absolutely love everything about this grain. It’s produced here in Germany, has a nutty, smoky taste and a texture you can only get from nutrient-rich whole grains like this one. And yes,...