Pilz-Kartoffel-Tortilla Rezept

Kale, Potato and Mushroom Tortilla

This potato and mushroom tortilla makes a perfect vegetable-loaded breakfast or lunch. Packed with potatoes, earthy mushrooms, Tuscan kale, and nutty Parmesan cheese, this rustic mushroom frittata a standout! It’s easy to make and is similar to a Spanish tortilla, however there is no flipping as it is finished in the oven like an Italian frittata. Simple, satisfying, and a great option for serving a crowd! Simply serve it...
Limetten-Käsekuchen mit Pistazienboden

Lime Cheesecake with Pistachio Crust

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of this Lime Cheesecake with Pistachio Crust. This delightful dessert offers a harmonious blend of rich creaminess and zesty lime flavours, perfectly complemented by a homemade oat-pistachio crust infused with tropical hints of coconut oil. Plus, this easy cheesecake recipe is hassle-free and doesn't call for a water bath! Prepare it in advance—allow several hours or even a day—as the cheesecake requires time to...
Reibekuchen mit Käse Rezept

Potato Latkes with Cheese & Green Onion

Simple, easy, delicious — potato latkes with cheese and green onions. These little potato pancakes are infused with extra flavour thanks to the addition of grated gruyère cheese and fresh flavour of green spring onion. These latkes are fantastic served for brunch or as an appetiser, and can be enjoyed equally as well, hot out of the skillet or at room temperature. Top them with applesauce, sour cream, crème...
Udon Nudeln mit Hoisin-Sauce und Gemüse

Hoisin-Ginger Udon Noodles

Hoisin-ginger udon noodles is a quick and easy 20-minute recipe that is healthy and delicious. It’s a plant-based meal, made with stir-fried vegetables which are tossed with udon noodles and a savoury hoisin-ginger sauce. It features plenty of good-for-you vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, zucchini and green onions and can easily to turned into a heartier meal by adding tofu or serving it with your favourite grilled protein. If you...
Zutaten für Gelbe Bete und Apfel Salat

Golden Beet Salad with Apple, Cranberries & Spiced Seeds

This vibrant golden beet salad is packed with fantastic array of flavours and textures. Chili-Soy glazed sunflower and pumpkin seeds, plus dried cranberries add a pop of flavour to this crunchy combination of golden beet and green apples. As a raw beet salad, it’s is a fresh take on traditional coleslaw and it’s a lot lighter too! All that is needed is a drizzle of olive oil and a...
Orientalischer Linsensalat mit Kräutern und Feta

Middle Eastern Lentil Salad With Herbs And Feta

This Middle Eastern Lentil Salad is perfect dish for anyone who’s a fan of lentils, fresh herbs and garlic! It’s made green lentils which retain their shape and texture with cooking, making them a great choice for salads like this one. Intensely flavourful and super satisfying, it’s made from simple ingredients that your probably already have on hand. Cumin, a good olive oil, sautéed garlic, lemon juice, shallots and...