Quick and Easy Italian Pasta Recipe

Simple Italian pasta recipes made with spaghetti, tagliatelle, rigatoni, ravioli, farfalle and co. Favoritey like bolognese, puttanesca, pesto, carbonara, tomato sauce and other traditional recipes. As well as, modern ideas and vegetarian and vegan dishes. Here you’ll find delicious and easy recipe ideas for the whole family!

Pasta: the ultimate crowd-pleaser

Quick and easy Italian meals

Simple pasta dishes taste incredibly delicious and always a great choice since they are mostly quick and easy to make. Whether you are making a traditional Italian pasta recipe, or recipes using Asian-Style noodles, pasta and noodles are awlays a crowd pleaser.

Whole grain pasta and vegetable noodles are trendy options

You have probably noticed that there are more and more organic shelves popping up in supermarkets. This is also due to the fact that the selection of organic noodles is growing all the time. You can find a number of different types of pasta shapes made from a variety of grains. There are also gluten-free options made from whole grain rice or legumes. Or you can skip them all together and make noodles from zucchini or carrots. A guilty conscience of enjoying a bowl of pasta can finally be skipped and you can enjoy healthy pasta dishes.