Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Cooking hearty, satisfying and flavorful plant-based meals is easy. Here you’ll find plenty of delicious vegetarian recipes made with fresh ingredients that are consisting largely of fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and pulses.

Meat-free recipes for every day

There are many different forms of vegetarianism. This includes anything from following a strict vegetarian diet free of animal products to those who as vegetarians enjoy dairy and eggs. And then there are flexitarians who enjoy a meatless meal or simply want to reduce consumption of meat. And let’s not forget everyone who likes to celebrate meatless Mondays!

Recipes for more than just veggie lovers

My vegetarian recipe collection includes easy plant-based recipes, some of which may contain dairy and/or eggs. You will find healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that feature the BEST of seasonal produce, and are both delicious and satisfying. Including lots of choices that are savory, satisfying and packed with flavour so that even die-hard meat-lovers will enjoy them!

Vegetarianism and cheese

Standard vegetarian menus are mostly based on plant-based ingredients, but dairy products and eggs are allowed. And when it comes to cheese, some vegetarians are quite relaxed and enjoy all sorts, however, almost all hard and semi-hard cheeses. Cheese such as parmesan, pecorino, Gruyère or Manchego are technically not part of a strict vegetarian diet. And, unfortunately, neither is feta cheese.

With that said, some of my recipes do contain cheese, so if you are following a strict vegetarian diet then I recommend that you look for a vegetarian cheese option (made with vegetal rennet) or simply leave out the cheese.

Easy veggie based recipes

Whether you are looking to eat more veggies, are following a vegetarian diet, are flexitarian or even just looking for some meat-free meal ideas and inspiration – I’ve got you covered with lots of healthy, tasty and delicious meatless recipes. From curries, to pasta and rice dishes, quiches and savory pastries, soups, main meal salads and more!