Simple & Tasty Salad Recipes

Delicious salad recipes for every taste and every season. From green salads, to grain or potato salads, caesar salad, or modern options. Here you’ll find flavor-packed recipes including vegan and vegetarian options.


Everyday salad inspiration

Best salad recipes for every season

On Elle Republic you will find simple salad recipes that can be enjoyed as a side dish or a main. They range from warm to cold, from classic to modern. In addition, you can expect to find recipes for classic pasta salad and potato salad to the creative ideas with quinoa or lentils. Above all, I also have a number of Asian-style salads with exotic dressings. There are also many main meal salads to satisfy veggie lovers. Plus lots of options for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet who are looking for a satifying main meal salad. With so many options, you’ll discover that salads can be enjoyed all year round.

Fresh ingredients and the right dressing are an important part of a good salad

You can find the freshest locally grown ingredients for a delicious and healthy salad at your local farmers market. And I recommend that you learn one or two homemade dressing recipes by heart. Once you have a go-to salad dressing, you can easily create a delicious salad with a variety of ingredients with no effort at all. French dressing is my favorite as it packs a lot of flavor, goes with everything and takes 2 minutes to make.

These best salad recipes make eating nutrient-dense foods easy and delicious

By browsing my recipe collection, you’ll discover that salads don’t always have to be a side dish. I especially like to have a salad as a main course for lunch or dinner. And by adding just a few additional ingredients you can easily make a salad rich and filling. Whether you add roasted vegetables, a grain, pasta or protein, a simple salad can easily be transformed into a hearty main. As an added bonus, you will find that most of my recipes also provide tips on how you can trade-out ingredients. There are also other tips and suggestions on how to make the recipe your own.