Schnelles Granola (Mango-Bananen-Kokos-Granola)

Tropical Granola with Mango, Banana & Coconut (No-Bake Recipe)

This tropical granola recipe is loaded with flavors of crunchy almonds, sweet mango, banana chips and coconut flakes. Since there is no need to...
Gegrillter Saibling: Ganzer Fisch vom Grill

Grilled Char: Whole Grilled Fish

Grilled char is one of my absolute favourite types of fish to enjoy whole. And the beauty of cooking whole fish is that it's...

Black Bean Quesadillas – Quick and Easy!

It’s time you meet the easiest and quickest vegetarian quesadilla recipe. 15-minute black bean quesadillas. And it goes without saying, they are also super...
Asiatische Zoodles (Zucchini-Nudeln Rezept)

Zucchini Noodle Stir-Fry (Zoodles Recipe)

This delicious Asian-style zucchini noodle stir fry-this makes for an easy and healthy dish. Zucchini “noodles” (aka zoodles), green onions and Chinese cabbage are...
Vegetarische Süßkartoffel-Burger von LeMax Grill

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger

Not only is this a veggie burger—it's a sweet potato burger! A sweet potato veggie burger. One that is packed with lots of healthy...
Italienisches Antipasti Sandwich mit gegrilltem Gemüse

Grilled Vegetable Antipasti Sandwich

Meet your new sandwich, the grilled vegetable antipasti sandwich with pesto and lemon ricotta. Simple and delicious, this is for all veggie lovers out...
Gegrillter Spargel mit italienischer Salsa Verde & Riesengarnelen

Grilled Asparagus with Italian Salsa Verde & Tiger Prawns

Grilled asparagus makes for an easy, delicious and healthy side dish that’s ready to serve in 15-minutes. In this recipe, it's topped with Italian...
Marmeladen-Streusel-Kuchen Rezept mit GLÜCK Marmelade aus Johannisbeeren

Jam Crumble Cake

Jam Crumble Cake! Crumble fans rejoice! This recipe takes my love for red currants into new territory. You don’t have to wait to summer...
Panzanella mit Steak (Tomaten-Brotsalat)

Grilled Steak Panzanella Salad

This grilled steak panzanella salad recipe embodies the flavors of summer! It’s made with marinated grilled steak which is served over a salad made...
Kaiserschmarrn mit Dinkelmehl ELAG LeMax

Kaiserschmarrn – simple, easy, delicious!

Classic Kaiserschmarrn is truly comfort food: one that sparks memories of alpine hikes, ski huts, and shared memories with friends. Simple good mood food....
Flammkuchen mit Lachs, Kapern, Dill und Creme Fraische

Tarte Flambée with Salmon (Flammkuchen)

Tarte flambée with salmon is my truly all-time favourite way to enjoy classic Flammkuchen. It’s incredibly simple to make but at the same time...
Bunte Grillspieße mit Gemüse und Halloumi

Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers

Grilled Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers are a summertime favourite. Easy to prepare, these grilled veggie kabobs with halloumi are the ultimate choice for vegetarian...
Gegrillte Pulled Lachs Burger mit Suekartoffel-Pommes-Rezept

Pulled Salmon Burger with Caper-Lemon-Yoghurt Sauce

A burger with “pulled salmon” is a delicious way to enjoy fish in a different way. Especially when topped with fresh ingredients and a...
Pizza Grillen mit dem LeMax Elektrogrill

Grilled Pizza on the LeMax Grill

If you're craving brick-oven crispy pizza crust, you can get the same results right a home with grilled pizza. And this pizza is everything!...

Apple Pancakes

Traditional German apple pancakes, what’s not to love? Whether you are a fan of thick or thin pancakes, there is always a place for...
Lamm Köfte gegrillt mit Kräuter-Joghurt-Dip

Grilled Lamb Kofta with Herb-Yoghurt Dip

Lamb Kofta is bursting with warm aromatic spices and Middle Eastern flavours. Juicy and delicious, these mini-sized kofta make for a fantastic appetizer that...
Buchweizen Pfannkuchen mit Schinken, Käse und Spiegelei von ELAG LeMax Tischgrill

Buckwheat Pancakes with Ham, Cheese and Egg

Inspired by the French “crêpe complete” these easy to make buckwheat pancakes are loaded up with Comté cheese, ham and a fried egg making...
„Cappuccino“ Shortbread Kekse mit dunkler Schokolade Rezept

Cappuccino Shortbread with Dark Chocolate

It just isn’t Christmas without Cappuccino Shortbread. That’s what my family would say. These delicious cookies make an appearance every year without fail. Okay,...
Gegrillter Lengfisch & Kohl mit Buttermilch-Senf-Dill-Soße

Grilled Ling Fish & Cabbage with a Buttermilk-Dill-Sauce

This grilled ling fish recipe has to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to prepare a delicious tasting meal in less than...
Sellerie-Kartoffel-Rösti mit Kräutern

Celery-Root Potato Latkes with Herbs

Whether its celery-root potatoes latkes, zucchini puffers, or potato pancakes, they are all one of those delicious dishes that just don’t get enough love....